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Browse our selection of headstones, memorials monuments available in a variety of styles. View our galleries showcasing a variety of markers in many styles and materials. Feel free to contact us if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Upright Headstones

Granite Upright HeadstoneUpright Headstones have been used throughout time to mark the graves of world leaders to the most common person. They are one of the most popular methods of memorialization of the life of a loved one. Upright Headstones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. There is nothing as enduring as an Monument monument to memorialize the life lived of your loved one. Upright Headstones, provide a distinct look in any cemetery. Our Upright Headstones are made near Somerset, PA from the highest quality granite and will not fade or discolor over time. We provide a lifetime guarantee for the quality of the granite and the workmanship or our granite headstones. We select only the best granites that insure your Upright Monument will last for generations to come. Upright headstones are made of two pieces;

The tablet or upright piece also called a die, and the base.
The tablet forms the upper part of the headstone while the base forms the lower. The top portion is attached to the bottom base giving an overall height greater than most other headstones in the cemetery. This allows your monument to stand out and be easily seen.


Custom Memorials

Custom Granite MemorialWhile uprights are the most traditional memorials, each can be customized to tell your family’s story in stone. Upright memorials can be customized and crafted in almost any shape, color and size, depending on the plot size and cemetery restrictions. Your loved ones’ hobbies, interests, heritage and special relationships can provide the basis for a highly personalized memorial design.


Slant Face Markers

A slant face markerSlant Face Markers sit above the ground with or without a base.  A base can be purchased separately.  They are available in Single, Double and Western styles — depending on the burial plots.

Double Slant Face Markers are preferred by some as a family monument to identify the family plot.

Western Style Slant Face Markers are used the same as the Slant Face Marker. The Western Style Slant has no front nosing.


Bevel Markers

Example Bevel MarkerBevel Markers are similar to flat markers with the main difference being that the back of a bevel marker is slightly taller than the front. Typically, this is a two inch drop from back to front.

Bevel markers sit above ground and are 6 or 8 inches in height, but can also be higher. The bevel allows water and dirt to flow off the marker. Bevel Markers are also known as pillow markers that provide a simple means of memorialization to your loved one. It has an extension above the ground and gentle sloping top allows for the inscription to remain cleaner since the water runs off from the top. It is also protected from grass clippings, debris and dirt. Bevel Grave Markers may be used with a centrally located family monument to mark the individual graves of loved ones. They can also be used as an individual marker just like a headstone.


Flush Marker

Flush Family MarkerThe individual Flush Marker is used to identify individual burial plots and is used in association with a Family Monument. The Flush marker sets flush with the ground.

The Double Flush Marker is used for two grave burial plots for husband and wife, side by side, embracing the burial plots.


Bronze Grave Markers

Bronze Grave MarkerBronze Grave Markers are one of the most common ways in which loved ones are remembered and memorialized. They are an elegant alternative to traditional granites. Bronze markers have been used for centuries and because bronze markers age well, they have been used in memorialization. Today, many cemeteries require bronze grave markers in order to meet their regulations and provide a uniform look to the cemetery. Bronze Grave Markers help in acknowledging how important your loved one was in your family and your personal life. Bronze Markers are made of special alloys that are composed of copper and tin with a small amount of lead and zinc. Bronze Markers go through a casting process where the material is made into the marker that you have designed. The bronze marker is then finished with a protective sealant to help slow the oxidizing process.



Granite MausoleumA family’s legacy lives on in the design of a mausoleum. The largest of the family memorials, a mausoleum can share a family’s history with future generations. This monument is designed to keep the memories of the family alive as it houses the spirit of those who have passed. Because they are enclosed, families can reflect on the lives and the history of their loved ones in a private setting.


Granite Bench

Granite BenchWhether you want a garden bench, or a park bench or a cemetery bench, each one is made out of the finest grades of granite to ensure it will be around to enjoy for generations. While other companies will offer concrete or wooden benches for lower prices, nothing will outlast solid granite. And since most benches are for outdoor use, take into consideration how long you would like to be able to use your bench before you purchase concrete, wood or even metal.

Our granite benches come in a variety of granite colors quarried from all over the world and can be made in several different finishes. Polished granite is very smooth and shiny. Frosted granite has a lighter finish and is smooth, but not shiny. Rustic finished granite is very rough in texture and has a more natural appearance. While the benches we have listed are shown with specific finishes for each piece, they can be made in any combination of the three finishes mentioned. This may or may not add to the price, so please contact us if you would like a bench quoted in a different finish.


Children’s Markers

Children's Memorial Marker“There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.” (Dwight Eishenhower) We at Clear View Memorials & Monument Co. understand how difficult the loss of a child is and that memorializing their final resting place can be equally as difficult. We offer a wide range of custom children’s memorials to honor your little angel.


Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone MarkerWe make personalized decorative lawn and landscaping stones. We carve your name, address, scene or a picture of your choice into a stone that you can select your self, right here in Somerset PA. It is the exclamation point at the end of your landscaping. It truly is a gift for that someone who has everything. The stones make great wedding, Christmas or gifts for any occasion.

Military Memorials

Military Memorials